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If you’re not sure which wedding stationery design or card type you would like, order samples so you can be certain of the look and feel of all the options available to you. You may also have more than one wedding invitation and stationery design you like, samples help you choose the perfect wedding invitation for your wedding.


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There is something special about a wedding invitation.  The moment it arrives in the mail you know there is a special event coming up that for two people will be the most monumental and romantic day of their lives.  The wedding invitation sets the tone for the wedding giving you a sense of the style the event will portray.

There are many wedding invitation designs to choose from and The wedding Shop offer a great range of wedding invitation ideas to help you with your decision.

It is important that your wedding invitation and wedding stationery match in every aspect including design, card type and font.  The wording style on your invitation should reflect the formality of your wedding.  If your wedding is going to be a formal affair then your wedding invitations wording should be written in full with no abbreviations and all numbers should be written in words.  Formal wedding invitations should be very simple in their design and be made from quality paper or cardstock.

Many wedding these days take place on or near the beach.  Beach wedding invitations featuring shells or a beach scene are the perfect way to announce a beach wedding.  The text on a beach wedding invitation should be informal and may even be a little fun.

Many brides like to announce their wedding day with a stylish, unique wedding invitation that has a quality look and feel similar to a greeting card.  Designer wedding invitations and stationery have fast become a popular choice to show guests their wedding is to be a quality affair.

Not every couple have the money to purchase designer wedding invitations and need to look for more affordable budget wedding invitations.  There is no need to have to sacrifice professional wedding invitations just because you have a limited amount of spending money for your wedding, choosing invitation paper such as parchment paper with a simple design can save you a fortune.

The Wedding Shop present our designer wedding invitations and stationery range at the lowest possible prices.  We design, manufacture in Australia and sell direct to you!  Wedding invitations and matching wedding stationery from 95 cents each.  The Wedding Shop designer wedding invitations are available online NOW.  Free wedding invitation wording guide.  Modern wedding invitations and stationery suitable for any budget! 

Beach wedding invitations can be as personal and exuberant as your wedding.  Wedding invitations have come a long way over time, seeing older formalities be replaced by a casual flair.  Today it is as popular to have beach themed wedding invitations as it is to have a beach wedding.  These modern trends have seen a bursts of vibrant colour appear in many wedding invitations designs.  The gorgeous colours of lilies and orchids create stunning and original wedding invitation designs while the gentle colours of frangipanis offer feelings of freshness and serenity.

Classic wedding invitations are tasteful yet adorable and are perfect for any wedding.  Classic wedding invitations have a romantic flair and are particularly ideal traditional weddings.  Classic wedding invitations often feature cherubs, roses or doves epitomising the true romance of a traditional wedding day.

Formal wedding invitations are stylish yet usually simple in their design, often featuring simply a border or a monogram.  Formal wedding invitations use very little colour and are often gold, silver or black.  Formal wedding invitations should contain formal wedding invitation wording which has no abbreviations and spells all numbers out in words.

Floral wedding invitations are wonderful for garden weddings.  Floral wedding invitations exude the charm and freshness that parallels a garden wedding on a beautiful day.  Floral wedding often feature tropical flowers, roses, lilies, orchids, gerberas and popular frangipani designs.  Wedding invitations in flower themes are a great option for any bride who is having trouble deciding on a wedding invitation style as the invitation design can be matched to the bride’s bouquet.

Modern wedding invitations give you the opportunity to be completely creative and go all out to show your guests just how imaginative you can be.  Having a modern wedding gives you the freedom to individualize every aspect of your wedding to your personal taste.  Modern wedding invitations created with digital printing as this gives you endless possibilities such as including your own photo.  Modern wedding invitations are limitless with their design options and need not adhere to the strictest of wedding invitation etiquette.

Budget wedding invitations save you a fortune.  Our great range of economical wedding invitations from 95 cents each.  Our budget range of wedding invitation are printed on parchment paper and all come in standard sized for cheaper postage.  The Wedding Shop budget wedding invitations are designed to please your pocket as well as your eye with a choice of 10 designs.  If you are looking to save even more on your wedding invitations we offer a range of pre-printed also called fill ins wedding invitations and stationery in our budget range.

Luxury wedding invitations form our Swish designer range are the leading designs of The Wedding Shop range.  Swish luxury wedding invitations and matching stationery are the epitome of style and taste with 18 beautiful designs it will be hard to select just one.Our luxury wedding invitation range keep price point in mind and represent excellent value for money.  Our luxury range of wedding invitations offer full printing services as well as font choice and colour alternatives so you can be assured your wedding invitations and stationery will be the perfect announcement for your wedding.

Engagement invitations and announcement are exciting because they advise your friends and family you are now ‘engaged to be married’.  Planning your engagement party is an exiting and fun time and your engagement invitations should reflect this.  Engagement invitations do not need the same level of formality as wedding invitations and may contain a personal touch like a photo or caricature of you and your fiancé. The engagement invitation wording may also be less formal and air on the side of humour if you wish.

Bridal shower invitations should be as fun as the event they announce.  Your bridal shower invitations should give your guests a hint to the style of bridal shower you are planning.  For example if you are having a lingerie or day spa party your bridal shower invitations can portray this in their theme.  Make your bridal shower invitation wording fun and playful so your guests begin enjoying the mood of your party before they even arrive.

Custom design invitations are available at The Wedding Shop at a price you can afford. Select your favourite designs from our invitation galleries or have your own photo substituted into one of our layouts to personalise your wedding invitations, engagement invitations or any occasion invitations.  We offer your own choice of invitation wording and you may choose the typeset you would like your invitation fonts to appear in.

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Wedding Invitations Australia are a fresh colourful style, less formal and more innovative than many other countries.  The Wedding Shop delivers wedding invitations throughout Australia and the rest of the world.  Australia currently holds around 116,000 wedding per year 87,000 of which are first marriages for both the bride and groom. 

Wedding Invitations Sydney - New South Wales being the most populated state in Australia also holds the most weddings, approximately 37,500 per year.  Weddings in Sydney tend to have larger numbers of guests Needles to say wedding invitations Sydney often incorporate all stationery and full printing options to help brides save time and keep guest lists organised.  Popular Sydney wedding invitations designs are formal, floral and damask designs for inner city weddings and beach designed wedding invitations for coastal weddings in the summer months.

Wedding Invitations Melbourne - Victoria is the second largest holder of weddings in Australia currently holding approximately 26,000 weddings a year.  Wedding invitations Melbourne follow similar suit to Sydney wedding invitations with a trend towards larger amounts of guests and therefore more inclusive wedding stationery items and printing.  Being one of the in cooler states Melbourne has less call for beach or tropical wedding invitation designs and seems to prefer classic designs featuring roses, damask and monograms.

Wedding Invitations Brisbane - Queensland is the third largest holder of wedding in Australia and currently holds approximately 25,000 wedding per year.  Brisbane may have a similar number of weddings to Melbourne however the dynamic is quite different.  Brisbane weddings have a tendency to have fewer guests and be much less formal.  Many of the Brisbane wedding ceremonies take place outside in parks and gardens particularly in the warmer months.  Due to the sub-tropical nature of the region wedding invitations Brisbane often have a beach or tropical theme often featuring frangipanis or heart in the sand wedding invitation themes. 

Wedding Invitations Gold Coast - Australia’s premier destination wedding location, approximately 70kms south of Brisbane offering beach, garden and resort wedding venues.   Wedding invitations Gold Coast are predominantly colourful in their nature featuring tropical flower or beach images.  Gold Coast weddings are often more casual and have fewer guests than those held in capital cities.   Gold coast wedding invitations and stationery often take their inspiration form the local landscape and lifestyle featuring beach and tropical design elements. 

Wedding Invitations Perth - Western Australia holds approximately 12,000 of Australia’s weddings.  Due to it’s vast size Western Australian brides rely heavily on the Internet for purchasing wedding invitations.  Wedding invitations Perth feature a broad range of designs ad seem to be diverse in their wedding stationery requirements.  As W.A. Spans the whole of the west coast it offers a extensive range of climates and therefore wedding invitation designs tend to be wide and varied.

Wedding Invitations Adelaide - South Australia hold approximately 8,000 weddings per year.  Adelaide weddings can be held in the hills, wineries or even by the seaside in the warmer months.  Wedding invitations Adelaide are diverse often-featuring floral designs to match the wedding flowers.  Classic wedding invitations designs, which feature damask or roses, are also popular for Adelaide weddings.

Wedding Invitations Australia The Wedding Shop has its own invitation designers, photographers and image editors creating innovative cutting edge designs perfect for Australian weddings.  Our wedding invitations and stationery are the most up-to-date and creative designs on the market today with images and designs to perfectly match your wedding theme no matter where in Australia you are planning your wedding.  

The Wedding Shop presents a large selection of wedding invitations and matching wedding stationery.  Regardless of your budget you will have a selection of wedding invitation designs at a price you can afford.  Every wedding invitation we present is unique to The Wedding Shop with its own statement in style.

The Wedding Shop provide free wedding invitation wording templates, and etiquette information to help you create the perfect wedding invitations and stationery.  Please, take pleasure in our free brides handbook to save you a fortune and create your perfect wedding.

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Wedding Invitation Idea: -

"Your Wedding Invitations and Engagement Invitations should reflect your personality and suit your budget".  Your wedding & engagement invitations are the announcement to your friends and family of your up and coming wedding and set the mood for your wedding.  Try selecting colours for your wedding invitations and engagement invitations which will feature in the wedding for example:- 

Floral designs to match your wedding flowers are a fantastic choice for your wedding invitations and stationery. 

Lily Wedding Invitations

Frangipani Wedding Invitations

Gerbera Wedding Invitations

Rose Wedding invitations

Other Floral Wedding Invitations


It is important to remember your wedding invitations are a reflection of your personality and taste as well as an indication of the style of your wedding.  Today weddings and wedding invitations have a more casual and contemporary flair which gives you the flexibility to show your unique style to its fullest. This new style has opened many new opportunities to brides when choosing wedding invitations and stationery. Wedding invitation wording has also changes to make way for the couple’s specific wishes such as: - Adults only receptions or the inclusion of a wishing well requesting money instead of gifts. Previously it was considered bad wedding invitation etiquette to make such requests however today more couples are opting for a wishing well card as part of their wedding invitation stationery.

You can add a formal feel to your wedding invitations with your choice of wording.  Formal wedding invitations include such wording as dates writen in words and in full, all names should also be written in full with titles.

Monogrammed invitations can set the formal mood without breaking the budget.
The Wedding Shop offer monogrammed invitations from 95 cents.

If you can't find invitations to suit your style in our wedding & engagement invitation galleries
contact us for custom made wedding invitations

or engagement invitations.

Other Wedding Stationery

There is more to wedding stationery than wedding invitations.  It depends on your needs and budget whether you have every option available or just the bare essentials.  Listed below is an of wedding stationery available

Wedding stationery includes:-
Engagement Invitations
Bridal Shower Invitations
Save the date cards
Wedding bonbonniere

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