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Tips for a Good Wedding Speech

Your making a wedding speech. But donít worry; so long as you follow a few basic rules and a little planning it will not actually be as hard as you think ...
* Donít stress over your wedding speech. It is actually easier than other forms of public speaking, as people will expect you to be nervous.

* If you donít feel confident memorizing your speech, use prompt cards. Cards are better than paper because it is less obvious if your hands are shaking!

* Try not to read from the cards just note key points. Look up around the company and try to involve the whole room through your body language.

* Keep it brief!  Itís better to leave them wanting more than dragging on and loosing there attention.  Besides you wont need to think of as much to say.

* Try to keep the content of your speech neutral and high vibe, avoid being crude, rude or sarcastic.  Particularly if there are older, or very much younger, guests at the wedding.

* Use a funny memory as your first line to get a laugh. This will relax you and get the attentions of the guests.

* Make sure that you donít forget proper etiquette, and thank the right people for their help

* Donít panic if the worst happens and you forget your words. Just speak from the heart. After all, you know how happy you feel! 

Step by step guide to an easy wedding speech

Step 1.  Plan you key points.  You only need one or two or just use the format below.  Itís a wedding speech not a seminar.

Step 2.  Choose a funny opening story, a quirk about the Bride and or Groom is always good.

Step 3. Thank all the appropriate persons at the end of your speech i.e.*Those who are paying
* The bridal party
* Any key organizers
* Anyone who has travelled a long distance to be there
* It can be a nice idea to thank the caterers to
* Also Guys, comment on the beautiful Bride (appropriately)

Close with a heartfelt comment . . .

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